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“The human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public.”-George Jessel

During my masters in psychology I came across the abnormal disorders of the brain like schizophrenia, hypochondria, depression etc. The Individuals suffering from these kind of disorders may…

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“Our happiness depends on the habit of mind we cultivate. So practice happy thinking every day. Cultivate the merry heart, develop the happiness habit, and life will become a continual feast.”

-Norman Vincent Peale

I want to ask two questions in the beginning.

“Are you having a good day?”


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“I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has had to overcome while trying to succeed.”

-Booker T. Washington

While starting one of the meetings in a hall I asked for…

“The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.”

  • Kahlil Gibran
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If you really want to improve your memory or want to increase your focus, you have to reduce your stress from the brain. You have to be good to your precious organ. The brain…

“Knowing what to leave out is just as important as knowing what to focus on.”

-Warren Buffett

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One fine day when I woke up, I started observing my day. Where actually I spend my total hours of the day. Just like everybody else, I checked my social media messages. I…

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“Sugar and fat don’t occur together in nature. Food scientists combine them in processed foods, which override our systems and make us crave more.”-Shawn Wells

Do your mouth water when you see candy or crunchy sweet food? It is fact that every body can not resist the intake. These kind…

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“In the morning, I know everyone has two things: an empty stomach and a fresh brain.” -Paul Gilbert

Some of the activities make you delighted. Just imagine that you have received a very bigger amount of money from honest source or you have eaten a delicious dish of your choice…

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“Eating breakfast breaks the fast. Skipping breakfast breaks the fat.”-Mokokoma Mokhonoana

The incidents have comparatively increased for early deaths during their forties and fifties due to various reasons of health. These are going to increase in doubles as per the health experts. The progressive brain disorder like Alzheimer’s Disease and…

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“You’re nothing but a pack of neurons.”-Francis Crick

Is it possible to grow the new brain cells? Yes it is possible. The oncologists say that it is a matter of relative state of individuals. There are various factors responsible for increasing or decreasing the number of cells. One of our…

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“The human brain is a wonderful organ. It starts to work as soon as you are born and doesn’t stop until you get up to deliver a speech.” -George Jessel

When you scan your brain, the image shows so many facts about overall health of your brain. A glass of…


Former aircraft engineer IAF, Retired Branch Manager SBI, Psychologist, Best Selling Author & Defence Recruitment Trainer

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