Your Belly Controls Your Brain

“In the morning, I know everyone has two things: an empty stomach and a fresh brain.” -Paul Gilbert

Some of the activities make you delighted. Just imagine that you have received a very bigger amount of money from honest source or you have eaten a delicious dish of your choice. You feel at the top of the world after some events which you liked most because your brain produces chemical called neuro transmitters which gives you great feeling and excitement and incredible happiness. But opposite to this, just think that you have failed in examination or you have been expelled from your present job. You will definitely feel depressed because your brain produces chemical that is different than the earlier one we discussed. The intensity of moods are controlled by your emotions though chemicals produced in our brain. We are taken away by the two percentage of our body weight at the top of our body.

Lovely Human Physiology

It is very much interesting to know about human physiology. We have a three pound part called brain which is key link right from cardiovascular regulation to mental health. Since I have done my masters in psychology I decided to bring forward some of the physiological and behavioural aspects which may ultimately improve your overall health. We all have developed our psychosomatic structure which has been derived from sterile environment from mother’s womb. In fact our body has more than 90% bacterial cells and less than 10% we have our human cells. I was surprised that I am more bacteria than human! Our gut bacteria digest certain foods, produces vitamins and hormones, also responds to infections and medicine and controls our blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Gut-Brain Relationship

Things changed drastically when antibiotics were invented. Diet quality were improved. It is funny but real story of mice which were bold and became fearless with flu-like infection in the stomach. The bacteria inside structure of intestine are responsible for our physical and biochemical connection in number of ways to the brain. On other side brain contains one hundred billion neurons that send messages and signals to body how to behave or work. Our guts also have hundred millions neurons. When gut health come across disturbance when prolonged will affect the brain health. So the belly and brain have married to each other. When either of them is disturbed the later is affected.

Sources Of Prebiotics

Since the gut bacteria are responsible for our over all health, we can choose good source for prebiotics from dietary sources like whole grain, banana, honey, apple, nuts, seeds, beans, cocoa extracts etc. In fact we are dependent on living micro organs in our body and therefore it is our choice what to feed them for our better health. For prolonged life it is very much necessary to choose between what the food that harms or food that heals. The incidental war of bacteria inside our body may destroy every thing if we do not have right choice. We can choose healthy diet and stay away from antibiotics for prolonged and healthy life.

Our belly and brain are actually physically and biochemically connected in a multitude of ways, which means the state of our intestines can literally change the way our brains work and behave. In fact, approximately 90% of serotonin (which regulates our mood) is actually produced in our belly, and only 10% in the brain.

As a nutritionist, microbiologist and neuroscientist, Ruairi Robertson who is passionate about the link between our bellies and brains. His research is examining how our intestines and the microbes within them can influence both physical and mental health, and most importantly how our diets influence this relationship.

Take Away

1. How you feed your microbe will decide your gut and brain health.

2. Unhealthy gut may invite harmful invaders.



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