Writing Is A Therapy

6 min readMar 19, 2023
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Have you ever realized how many thoughts are coming to your mind in 24 hours?
You will agree that the figure is not less than 50000. No doubt most of them will be negative. If you feel that 20% of them are positive, make a journal and write as a mental block on daily basis. Some of your thoughts will be deepest from your heart and they may blow your mind. You will jump with joy or your excitement will consider a mad person by your family or your friends. But you know, there is no success without a tincture of madness. Write every thought you can capture. Sequentially connect them when you are not at the best of your thinking process or when you are idle and just want to pass the time. You will be surprised that you have written an article.
Just think, if you have written a letter to your friend or a company and if the contents are good, you will have power for at least two days and you must be telling your story to your friends even though the mail is not replied to. If your story is appreciated by your friend, you will be respecting your thoughts and ideas and dopamine will release from your brain. The army of neurons of happiness will gather and you will be excited beyond your imagination.

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Free Flow Writing And Editing
Find out the victory hours of your day. Say morning 5 am to 7 am. Take out your mind blocks and write about each block separately and give the appropriate heading. Sequentially connect the dots. Do not edit the stuff when you are in process of writing. I know you have a lot of mistakes in the form of spelling and grammar. Different writing tools and techniques are available for editing and therefore focus only on writing. Editing is a separate process and even somebody else can do it for you. Henry Ford was not an expert in everything, but he employed expert people and delegated specific tasks to specific people. The paid engineers produced the engine V8 for the fantastic model of the Ford car. They did not know how to connect the dots, but Ford did it and became world famous multimillion legend.

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Power Of Writing
If you have written a few articles which are the outcome of your daily thoughts, think man! Your collections of articles may form a book that is read by your society or a country as a whole. You will be at the top of the world if it is accepted by readers from all over the place from other countries. So writing is a serious profession. Never carry your day-to-day worries before your writing. Think differently. Your daily words spoken are the source of your writing too. I just read recently in Awaken Giant Within of Tony Robins, there are more than 500000 words in the English dictionary. There are about 3000 words that make an impact on your emotion. 1000 words make good impacts and 2000 words make bad impacts. Eliminate those 2000 words from the dictionary of your mind and focus on 1000 good words. Few of them may become your niches.

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Write For Needy People
Your diary or journal may or may not be useful for you, but think wisely about the role it plays for the people in your society. If you have written a good article on happiness that may stop somebody from committing suicide. A well-written article on health and fitness may increase a few years of life for someone who has accidentally read your article. Your articles may not add years to their life but life to their years. You do not know your power of writing. Your writing may inspire a young man who can get a job in a very good organization and may pray for you for the rest of his life. An author spends decades of his life writing but his work can be useful for centuries.

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Motivation Of Writing
True motivation comes from inside. External motivation is just like your daily bath. You have to get fresh every day. Stephen King who has written more than 350 books says that nobody else motivates him, he says, when I start writing after my natural calls, I automatically get motivated. Your motivation is not only useful for the release of certain useful chemicals but releasing widespread chemicals in the bodies of thousands of people. So, stay motivated and get others motivated. Think, your single thought in the form of an article or chapter of a book can make history.

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Strong Decisions
When you have written on different niches, they are good sources of your experiences that may be very much useful to a lot of people when they read your words. People are having the hobby of reading good books from all over the world. There is a great advantage for widely read people. When they take some decision in life, the decision is not taken by their mental capacity but by his decision is the outcome of hundreds of authors.

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Monetary Benefits
I want to share a little story told by my grandfather.
There were two brothers. They were in the business of mango trees. Elder one was having a huge mango tree and a lot of mangos in a single tree. The younger one was having ten trees but the total mangoes of all the trees were almost equal or a little more than the single tree of his elder brother. He said, Who is more secure? I readily answered, Elder brother, no more maintenance, only one tree can give the required number of mangoes. But my grandpa explained that if there is a heavy storm and a single tree of the elder brother collapsed and a couple of trees of the younger brother are also damaged, what is the result? The elder brother lost everything, but the younger brother still has mangoes and earns for his livelihood.

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Moral: Generate more than a single income and be secured especially passive income.
Just think differently, if you are in habit of writing and since now a day it does not take longer than a month to write a book, you may write a century of books in the next 10 years. Suppose you are paid a royalty of only $115 in a month, your 100 books will generate at least $138000 per annum that may cross 1 crore rupees in Indian currency. Everything is possible with just the idea of writing!

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