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The voice of the mind is silent, but it is undeniably big noise inside out. The silent voice inside is so powerful that it can create an impossible reality that has not been predicted by an individual. The subject mind is so vast and powerful that its offspring can be a huge transformation and everlasting. Any big possible event outside the mind is a result of fruitful exercise taking place inside the mind. Be it the monuments on earth, the incredible motivational sound creation, sculptors, or any other amusing things around us, these all are initially born and developed in the mind.

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Silent State Of Mind

The pin drop silence in the mind may not be visible or accessible by outside forces. Even the individual whose mind is working for great things may also not know the capabilities of a future event taking place. The great thing that has taken place if nurtured with true care can be an amazing reality. It is beyond time, space, or any dimension that can ever be predicted by anybody. This unique capacity is developed in humans and just starts from the mother’s womb. The probability is vast enough throughout the life span and does not stop evolving until you settle in a graveyard.

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Great Inventions Of Scientists

The great inventions of scientists are such big creations. The conversion of lightning in the sky is still so dangerous that can destroy every possible thing existing on earth. People worshipped Lord Indra in the past to stop lightning, thunders, and heavy rains. Any extreme intensity may ruin everything including any kind of strong buildings, structures, or monuments. You cannot think of protections for living and non-living things on earth when uncontrollable lightning takes place.

But see the creation of the mind. The inventor converted the lightning into electricity. The dangerous power which is still able to destroy everything is most of the time controllable for the benefit of the human. It has become such a big useful reality that life is almost impossible without electricity. The most dangerous form of lightning could be molded into an easily manageable form for all kinds of facilities right from converting it to mechanical, sound, or digital formats.

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Blessing In Disguise

Just like the dangerous nature of lightning, you may have a lot of adversity like hatred, angriness, vulgarity even your extreme sexual drive. These all can be ventilated to participate in a good form of transformation. A single unformatted nature may be ugly or most dangerous but can be converted to the most useful and beneficial format. The more intense of state or worst the state, the highest the benefit. A sportsman can convert his most angry mood created by insult into his repetition of workouts which may result in a record-breaking performance. Your insult done by other individuals can be the root cause of your destruction or a new feather in your cap after constructive manipulation of the voice of your mind.

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Uncommon Common-sense Of Mind

Is it possible that everyone can generate such transformation for the mind? The answer is yes. You and I can do such things as converting any kind of undesirable odd and harmful possibilities into desirable, fantastic, and useful things. But specific training and environment are necessary to create such things. If you can think, you can do, unlike other animals. Animals cannot think logically. There are few exemptions for a small portion of animals who have little capacity to think. But the human mind evolved from nothing to incredible capacity. Human has uncommon common sense. I am reminded of the incident in space when cosmonauts were facing problems noting down and writing in space. The gravitational force which was responsible for sending ink to paper was nullified in the spacecraft when they were hanging in the air. The vacuum created in the spacecraft made ink pen worthless. The mind of cosmonauts was working with sharpness but at a specific moment in the spacecraft, they were unable to put it on the paper because the ink drop did not come out despite struggle. A lot of scientists worked together on the solution but could not succeed. A very common gentleman who had no scientific background came to the rescue. Use a pencil in the spacecraft. Oh, what a relief to cosmonauts! This was the very common voice of the mind.

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Cultivate The Voice in Natural Environment

Your mind can create anything at any time. The simple unpredictable voice of my mind to write these words was simply common sense. The ideas were created in my mind during a morning walk in nature without any stress on my mind. The voice can fly like a butterfly, and it can be hunting to create something extraordinary that can be useful to a human. A silent voice in the mind of Thomas Alva Edison is making huge voices in the existing period. A flash of light in the filament could change the trajectory of humans from ordinary to extraordinary lifestyles. The invention must have taken a toll on his capabilities and must have incurred days and months of his sleep, but the voice could not halt to silence unless he made all earth lightened despite several failures he faced during his invention.

It was the harness of 1093 patents that could take place. It may be the outcome of the voice of his mind trained in the direction just like the lightning of the sky converting to electricity.

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Train The Voice of Your Mind

We are a little different from other animals. Every animal is different and unique. They have their unique capacity for their natural expertise. For instance, if the puppy is thrown in water after birth, it will swim and survive but if the baby of a human is thrown in the same water it may die. Most of the thing's we humans have acquired. We have learned so many things with repetitions. If you can learn cycling or typing with trial-and-error methods converting to the habit after storying in your subconscious mind, you can also train your voice of mind for certain complex tasks. Sometimes we are so busy with trivial tasks that we do not even think of bigger tasks that can result in a blessing to humans. The mind has no logical thinking. It can be your destroyer too. Human has made special robots to kill human being in the territory of the enemy. A negative voice can ruin peaceful human life and can create havoc just like the Hiroshima and Nakatani incident resulting in the birth of a defective human child even today. But positive voices can be off springs of the goodness of mankind.

Let us train our voice of mind and prove to be better human on the planet.

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