Types Of Content Writing

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.” -Leo Burnett

When you write something, you give wings to your thoughts. The words written by you take the form of pictures in the mind of readers. Your idea may be vast and you are able to write anything about any subject but if you keep the necessity of readers in mind, you throw words towards the heart of readers. Small intensive writing is more powerful than wide extensive writing. People search for reading needs according to their requirements just like the medicines they need for their ailments.

There are four pillar for content writing which are important for a writer.


The content written for any purpose is useless if it does not draw the attention of reader or the visitor in case of web page or landing page. You can not satisfy the need of the readers unless you make them to access the content you have written. The important details is of no use if they are not read by the readers. Impressive words or absurd images can entice the attention.


It is generally said ‘author is an authority.’ You have to establish your identity with your content. Most frequently asked questions are answered when you have sufficient and trustworthy authority. Authority means you have spent considerable time in the craft. Fathomable identity is well recognised if you have resolved the related issues in the subject.


Affinity creates brand value. Without trust there is no business. If your content is not able to impress the reader, he can never attach to the its true value. Emotional resonance is created in the mind of reader or visitor with the belief level he develops within him. In competitive era of existing market it is very much necessary that prospects get due inspiration.


All the relevant criteria are met and people are well versed with your brand or product but unless there is conversion, whole process is futile. The potential user is useless if he is not directed towards the action. A clear direction to act is prime need. Whether it is landing page, submission of survey form, signing up for webinar or event, process is not complete till the rat is trapped in the cage. The term may look awkward but we are in rat race for one or another. I may be looking for sunglass with huge discount and you may be looking for the same for your four wheeler for extra facilities or differential rate of item.

There are most powerful lead generating features as following for action taking,


It is one of the methods of research and collecting user data from predetermined respondents. The target audience is provided with a specific format together the required information. Generally it is in the form of questions so that user is directed to submit the vital information.

The online surveys are most prevalent in present time with related questionnaire. It is less time consuming and gives user sufficient time so that he can submit the data independently. The form is displayed in the screen and necessary information is obtained in the form of database with specified fields which can be manipulated and modified by expert. There are certain readymade templates for the survey online and therefore accuracy and analysis becomes easy. There are google forms, monkey surveys and lot many other useful tools available and therefore accessing information has become quite easy.

Case Studies

Case studies are aimed with regard to the individuals or specific group for profound information access drive. Each case is analysed by experts and conclusions are inferred. The results are journalised and used for better product qualities and services. Here experts are able to explore the experimental searches. Only disadvantage of the method is that it is not useful for larger population and sometime the method is scientifically rigorous.


It is a formal statement testifying to someone’s character and qualifications. The third party opinion is powerful in comparison to self certification. You can not prove adequately that you have good video making skills but your client who has experienced can give exclusive opinion about you and that can directly grow your sales.

White Papers

A white papers are miraculous informational document, usually issued by a company or not-for-profit organization, to promote or highlight the features of a solution, product, or service.

Precisely the level of quality and investment that makes a whitepaper something worth citing in a blog post and giving away an email address for.

Whitepaper also needs to make very concrete promises to its target audience that can be made with clarity in a landing page, and it needs to deliver on those promises in order to earn the links and keep the subscribers.


By providing your audience with a checklist of activities that they will be actively engaged in, you elevate your content from something that they are consuming to something that they are doing. This is a very powerful technique that makes your content an important.

Take Away

1. Reach to the heart of consumer or user if you have ambition to reach to the stars.

2. Be better and you will never be ignored.



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