Trillion Dollar Psychosomatic Structure

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“Only by understanding how the world around us works, can we understand our bodies and live well in and with nature and among others.”

- Julia H Sun

One summer afternoon, I came out of my house and was upset as I didn’t have standard sunglasses as I couldn’t afford those. Probably it is because of the lesser money that I had that time or I wasn’t a good manager of money. Some of my neighbors were affluent and therefore I always cursed God for not giving me abundant money to spend lavishly. But when I started my bike and it picked up little speed, I saw a visually challenged person with a stick in his hand crossing the road with difficulties during heavy traffic. I stopped my bike and helped the poor person to cross the road. I was astonished when he uttered the words, “God bless you, and my good guard will help you to fulfill all your wishes!” I thought for a while and entered the nearest garden and passed my next one hour sitting underneath the tree recalling a story.

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A person approached a mountain top and hurriedly tried to jump from a height to commit suicide. A saint passed by the place stopped the person and asked,

“Why do you want to commit suicide?” The person said, “Do not stop me I want to die!”

The saint said, “Ok, but can you postpone your suicide for a day?”

The young man said, “Why should I stop, what’s the benefit, what will you get if I postpone?”

The saint said, “There is a big benefit for me and for you too, give me your next 24 hours!”

The person agreed. Saint took the person along with him and gave hospitality with the help of his disciples. The next day, the saint arranged a meeting with a landlord and took a pathetically disturbed person for conversation. The saint said to the landlord,

“Give me gold ornaments and take his two eyes as per your contract!” The drama was pre-planned and therefore again saint said,

“You wanted two hands of a live person and therefore give me two more gold ornaments!”

The young man was confused and told,

“Why should I give my eyes and hands?”

Saint said, “You are going to die anyway, I will be benefitted by selling your organs!”

The young man realized the importance of his organs, cried like a child, touched the feet of the saint, and become his disciple. Saint said,

“Have you seen the benefits? I received a very good disciple!”

Unpredictably, the saint saved the life of that person.

We are sometimes like the subject confused person and we do not value our body, our soul, our life as a whole.

The human body consists of trillions of cells, each capable of growth, metabolism, response to stimuli, and with some exceptions, reproduction. There are about 200 different types of cells in the body that are grouped into different classes. Trillions of cells are considered as the fundamental units of life form tissues. These tissues combined together form an organ system which finally gives rise to an individual. There are 78 organs in the human body, two have been added recently. There are more than 15 vital secretions in the body that regulates various functions. For instance, pancreatic juice contains enzymes to digest proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. The liver secretion is an essential function related to digestion, metabolism, immunity, and the storage of nutrients within the body.

The complex structure of brain and nervous system is amazing. The human brain with an average weight of 3 pounds comprises almost 62% of fat which generates approximately 23 watts of power when awake. The blood vessels that are available in the brain are almost 100,000 miles in the length. There are more than 100 billion neurons present in the brain. The complex functions of brain can defeat any possible challenge of Artificial Intelligence. Regulations of central nervous systems and functions can never be matched by combining joint functions of hundreds of computers.

According to a recent survey of various scientists, if a human body is artificially prepared with all realistic organs, the total cost is estimated over five trillion dollars. We are absorbed in materialistic values and literally do not realize the incredible value of human organs and the body as a whole. Cognitive abilities like thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving, etc. are considered to be some of the most chief characteristics which distinguish human beings from other species including the higher animals.

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Develop Right Kind of Mind Set

In today’s consumerism centric world, we often become obsessed with owning materialistic wealth. Most of the time, we are busy in the rat race to outshine our neighbors or friends. In fact, we are worthy of all the intangible things we possess. We have tremendous opportunities for personal growth, fulfillment, and wisdom. During the encounter of struggles, we got to be stronger to face the storms. We are empowered to drive our lives in whatever direction we wish. We have to find out the resources and leverages to propel our life in the desired course.

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Spend Time with Nature

In hectic life schedules, we are constantly involved in the company of devices like computers, television, tablets, and others. We have been deprived of the power of nature with our futile engagement with social media. Nature has an elusive power of healing intruding thoughts. With a number of distractions, our all fruits of existence as humans are deprived.

In May 2013, more than 10,000 Canadians participated in the David Suzuki Foundation’s[1] 30×30 Nature Challenge. The challenge was as follow: spend 30 minutes in nature, every day, for 30 days. Here’s the impact that the challenge had on the participant’s health and well-being:

² They reported significant increases in their sense of well-being.

² They had more energy,

² Feelings of stress and negativity were reduced.

² They had fewer sleep disturbances.

² They felt more productive on the job.

² They felt happier.

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Inner Journey

The inner journey is the course that one takes with the self. Just like the physical journey, one has to take specific steps to travel from one place to another.

With respect to the inner journey, sometimes people never commence at all during their whole life. When an Inner journey takes place, one experiences certain events that act as catalysts to gain a deeper understanding of oneself and the outer world. The universe has abundant resources. The most ancient texts[2] of India possess knowledge of both the outer and the inner monarchies of existence. Pointless to say, their authors, the Vedic rishis, were scientists to the core. Vedic rishis had proved long ago, without even the slightest suspicion that we are all a miniature with cosmos within each one of us. Our Vedas vehemently proclaim that whatever is perceived in the cosmos can be similarly perceived at the individual level in our inner realms. The Quantum Theory propounded by a modern scientist Max Planck in 1900 also explicates this fact, making it easier for us to comprehend and assimilate.

Key Takeaways

I cannot forget the great thinkers, who uttered as following;

1. Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. –Albert Einstein

2. Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads. -Henry David Thoreau

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