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“Without strategy, execution is aimless. Without execution, strategy is useless.”―Morris Chang

Copy writer is the most responsible person in writing text for marketing and promotional materials. The skills of copy writers are magical for persuading the customers. Copy writers are the professionals. They are the driving source for converting sales. The main working area for the copy writers are as following.

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Web Pages

Web pages of any organisation contains information regarding product or services. The effective content on each pages is intelligently crafted by the content writers. Visitors are navigated from page to page as per the direction desired and linked. They are ultimately directed for the action point.

A well defined purpose for target audience will determine the flow of the visitors on the web page. It is advisable to study the activities and strategies of the competitor so that better content can be crafted on the web page.

An interesting hook can be created about data, a short story or a question for sustaining the stay of visitor on the page. The page should be such that it can be scanned. The attractive heading, bulleted list or number can retain the idea in the mind of reader easily. Easy navigation and appropriate hyperlink gives fast access for better understanding of offers.

The complicated words have to be avoided and visitors should be address in laymen’s terms. This will encourage the reader or visitor to act without hesitation. Testimonials and success stories may provide third party opinion to visitors so that they can trust the brand and take desirable action.

More visuals like audio, video, images can be more interesting in stead of mere text on web page.

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The content advertising is one of the important process for promotion of brand or product or service through paid social or sponsored placements or related campaign. Content marketing or advertising is the best tool when there is considerable decline through organic channel. But once the you pay to promote the piece of content, you need not worry about the wider audience or the searches.

It is always good to promote through paid advertising, however this could be limited to specific budget constraints.

Landing Pages

Landing pages have vital role for any organisation to achieve the predetermined conversion. Immediate external link to landing page for specific call to action is wonderful way to capture the leads from different sources. This is kind of digital direct marketing approach. This is one of the best tools to capture organic traffic.

Lead generating landing pages collect the leads but click-through landing pages directs the user to shopping or price plan page with a click on button or text. Dynamic landing pages serve the purpose to collect data on specific fields.

A Good landing page can contain features, benefits, social proof and unique proposal.

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Product Page

Product page is the specification of the product that company wants to sell. With the showcase of product inventory, the customer or visitor on the web page is easily able to decide whether it is for his needs or not.

In fact product page is the magnet or destination one has to visit after visiting other things on the web page. It is the actual need for the pain point or the actual requirement. The basic of product page SEO has to be kept in mind while crafting the page. It is the basic optimisation that will help to reach out for end use.

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Meta Description

A meta description is a hyper text marked up language element that contains a short summary of the page and generates the brief snippet you see underneath a site’s title in Google’s organic search results. They help convince people to click on your result in the organic listings. Because Google measures CTR rate, they might indirectly improve your rankings by boosting your site’s organic CTR.

Whatever may be the case, after all, make sure you convey value to the reader.

Here are the quick refreshers which should be kept in mind while crafting the web page contents.

1. Conversion Rate Improvement

Conversion rate improvement or conversion rate optimisation is achieved through enhancement, split testing and work flow enhancement. Like leads, conversion rates should be measured on an annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and in some businesses a daily basis.

2. Enhanced Engagement Rate On Social Media

Most social media marketing experts agree that a good engagement rate is between 1% to 5%. The more followers you have, the harder it is to achieve. Engagement actions are more active rather than passive.

3. Click Through Rate Of Paid Ads

Click through rate is a measure of how many users or visitors have clicked a displayed link. There are various standard devices and techniques to measure the clicks. The Google and Amazon’s paid ad platform use such measuring systems and rate the paid ads.

4. Boost product sales

Various techniques can increase and boost product sales. When we are at fear for of rejection, the technique suggested by Brian Tracy is wonderful. He suggested an exercise that will help and gain more confidence and generate more leads called the 100-call method. Reach out to 100 customers as fast as possible, either by phone call or personalized email.

The goal is to practice talking to people, not necessarily to see results — though that may happen!

5. Increase CTR on search engine results page

There are number of marketing channels available. Click through rate is the great example.

Studies conducted by Nielsen Norman Group report that web users view the screen in an F-shaped pattern, and spend 80% of their time looking at information above the fold (the portion of the screen viewable without scrolling — usually rankings 1–5).

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A general nutshell strategies can be summarised as recommendations for best practices however these may not be exhaustive.

Know the trend of your audience and use the tone in positive and humble manner. Use sufficient social proof and avoid unnecessary extra contents. American press institute has suggested 8 to 15 words per sentence. Avoid complicated words like sophisticated, unparalleled, demonstrated etc. Use powerful words to entice the user with FOMO technique. Emphasise on headlines because 80% of the readers scan through headlines only. Focus on benefits rather than features. Create urgency and scarcity.

Take Away

1. Marketing wants ‘Mr. Right’ but Sale wants ‘Mr. Right Now’”

2. “Focus on the right message for the right people at the right time.” -Russell Glass

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