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“Social media is awesome because I can somewhat paint myself the way I want people to see me.” –Kevin Abstract

Social media is the platform where you can show your talents and share the content to target audience. If you are able to understand the pain points of your customers, you can serve better. People find the solution for their prevailing issue through the postings, blogs and articles. If you are able to find their solutions, your posts will be highly liked by the people.

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Pain Points

Every individual has an unique pain or issue. This may be simple for others but it can be a major problem of the suffering individuals. If you have pain in your teeth, you may not be bothered about the killing of terrorist across the border. If you gather the problems or issues of few individuals and give to other people, they will definitely like their own problems and may not be interested in problems of others.

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Address The Pain Points

If you are able to address the problem of the people, the half of the work is done. If you are able to find out the pain point and talk about solving the point, you may be the best person for ailing individual. You can make them trust through your experience and your story. They will relate your story with their problems and they will establish the confidence that you might be the person who can solve their issues.

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Never Criticize Or Condemn

Once you have identified the problem, you must not criticize about the topic or the issue. Some of the problems may be controversial. You have to avoid the subject topic and should talk about the positive side of the issue only. There will always be some people who will not like your topic or content. You should strategically ignore them. Always avoid longer contents and make them short and attractive because people will always scroll whenever there is lengthy descriptions.

Starting part of the content should be attractive and attention grabbing, other wise people will overlook and skip the contents.

Work-Life Balance

Visual Contents Vs Text content

Mere text may be boring content for readers. In stead, you can use visual contents like gif, images, video or voice. Due to their busy schedule, people do not have much time for reading. Some of them prefer voice or video contents and they listen those visuals while travelling or during their exercise schedules. It is generally said that an image is worth thousand words. It has been observed that more than 66% of the readers or visitors are visual learners and prefer images, videos and podcast over text only. However it is advisable to use combination of all contents.

While posting content on different media, we have to be careful about the dimensions because the dimension of image or video for one social media may be misfit for another media. For instance video or thumbnail with dimension 16:9 ratio may be inadequate for another media which may require 9:16 dimension. So different dimension for different media should be checked before posting.

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Call To Action

If the call to action is not considered or included in the post, there is may be a total loss of content. After reading engaging post when reader is motivated but if he is not directed for action, there is no use of good post.

Sometimes when reader or visitor is directed to landing page, he is directed to destination. It has been observed many times that destination if not narrowed down to single action, people may get confused and may skip the post. Before a few days when I was directed to landing page, the destination page had four different actions, I ultimately refrain from taking any action.

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Sharable Contents

If the content you have posted is only about your product or service, it is less likely that readers or visitors may share to other people but if the content has considerable general effects and genuine benefits, other than product or service description, people are more likely to share with other people. In this case your post may have more likes and comments and ultimately contents may reach to large number of people.

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Consistency of Post And Destination

If the content of your post has some benefits it should be congruent with the destination. Otherwise people may withdraw from the post or content. For instance if you are writer and offering a signed copy of paperback book free with purchase of e-book, same thing should be shown in destination page also, otherwise people may think it is cheating and may avoid your post totally.

It is also advisable to recheck the link. It happened in my case, I had given a link from my website to my landing page and I did not check properly, later on one of my friends gave an alert that my link was leading to “Error 404.” Sometimes we take things granted and do not test the page. Thereby, loosing the purpose of the important content.

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Take Away

1. Contents posted at a regular interval of time has higher rate of engagement.

2. Engage your calendar for important days for specific postings for more precise contents on special days.

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Former aircraft engineer IAF, Retired Branch Manager SBI, Psychologist, Best Selling Author & Defence Recruitment Trainer

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Former aircraft engineer IAF, Retired Branch Manager SBI, Psychologist, Best Selling Author & Defence Recruitment Trainer

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