Skills Are Cheap But Passion Is Priceless

“I was prepared to die with blood in my boots for 1500 meters race!”-Sebastian Coe

Every living being learns from the experience. Even animals learn from the previous experience. Every time when you have bitten the street dog which is entering in side your house. The dog wants to eat something but when it enters your house and it sees you, he runs away because it fears that it may again be bitten with the rod.

Generalised condition of your behaviour happens with the repeated incidents in the past. We are well versed with the experiences of Russian psychologist [1]Ivan Pavlov who experimented on cats and dogs. Every time when food was served to dog, he rang the of bell. He could see the saliva from the mouth of dog because he had connected a device with transparent tube to the throat of dog. At every incident dog salivated when food was served. This was repeated several times and one day he saw that he rang the bell without food, dog salivated. The animal had automatically trained his mind and assumed that whenever there is sound of bell, there is food.

We as a human have some good or bad experiences in the past. We do not forget damaging or destructing incidents which have taken place in the past. You change the behaviour on basis of your past experience. One of our neighbours left eating tobacco because his elder brother died of cancer as he was eating tobacco for several years. He was also eating tobacco but he survived because he thought he might die of cancer just like his brother.

The Choices You Make

I never touched the naked electrical wire after the incident of getting electrical shock during my childhood. I adopted fasting because I had seen that my grand father was doing so and lived for 99 years without medicines. I never repeated tearing off pages of my books during my school days because my father had locked me inside the room for several hours.

The book ‘Food That Harms, The Food That heals’ gave me lot of knowledge but I could choose my foods as some of them were cause of my upset stomach. Just like food we have certain life incidents which control our specific behaviour as we have faced the consequences. Whether it is internal change due to after effects of good or the external environment which has changed your behaviour patterns, you may not accept yourself to be less than the best version of yourself.

Why The Unstoppable

You are travelling abroad in the aircraft at 30000 feet height and crew tells you to jump from the aircraft with parachute, you may think twice and may refrain from jumping. But if the pilot declares that aircraft has caught the fire and there are no chances of survival, so jump out of aircraft with your parachute. Although you may be fearing that parachute may open or not but you will prefer to jump. Your ‘why’ is much more important than the than ‘how’.

You may learn certain skills to do your piece of job you have undertaken and there is no doubt that the specific skill will make your job very easy. The skills are the right kind of instruments to make your task easy. For instance, I want to plant a tree and start digging with Knife but you are doing the same thing at near place but you have a plough. You can turn up earth very quickly because you have better instrument than I have. But if you do not have passion to dig you can not have fruitful result. If I have passion in my mind that I want to plant one hundred tree so that more people can get oxygen and earth may have better place, nothing can stop me to dig with even improper instrument.

The greater part of your work is resulted in successful outcome if you love to do what you want to do. You can never be satisfied even if you reach to your goal if you do not like to do what you do. One of my friend’s son was never satisfied when he finished his medical degree when he passed out because he loved being engineer. He joined medical college because his father could not become doctor and he wanted to make his son a doctor.

Passion is priceless irrespective of whether you possess a generic skill or niche skill. This is because passion promotes more involvement on part of the individual concerned. The skills without passion will not help you stand out from the rest. It is passion coupled with skills that helps you to scale up.

Take Away

1. People with great passion can make the impossible happen.

2. Make your passion your pay-check.

[1] Source:

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