Quality Versus Quantity

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“To be successful, you have to have quantity of quality.” -Mark Frauenfelder

Both Quality and Quantity are English Grammar terms.

The Quality term is a subjective word where the Quantity term is a noun and subjective.

Quality word represents the trademark of a particular activity. Whereas the Quantity term speaks for the numerical value of any item and represents a fact that is not swayed or influenced by personal feelings and sentiments.

Usually, you and me prefer the best of the best in every little thing. You always approach the quantity and choose for quality. Let’s understand about Quality and Quantity in detail. If there are two vegetable and fruit shops you find on the way. There are 10 apples in basket in first shop. And there are 100 apples in large basket in second shop. What will you prefer to choose? Definitely the second shop, is not it? Because you have more choice. Ultimately you would be looking for the quality from quantity.

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Quality Last Forever

Whether it is product or service, the quality is overriding the quantity.

Decades back there was a pen called Reynolds that was named after Milton Reynolds (1892–1976), entrepreneur and manufacturer of the first ball point pen, the first Reynolds pen debuted in New York at the 32nd Street store on the morning of October 29, 1945. The day the pen went on sale, an estimated 5,000 shoppers stormed the shop, and approximately executives had to be dispatched for crowd control.

It was not only the slogan, “The power of the pen is not in the colour of the ink it spills; but the power of the word it spells” that sold huge quantity of pens but the quality of ink called ‘fine carbure.’ Emphasize on quality and quantity will automatically take its course.

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Never Compromise With Quality

It is not easy to maintain the quality. You have to pay the price to stand for your quality. One of the companies exported one of the best quality mangos to a company abroad. Huge quantity was in demand due to its fragrance and taste due to inorganic farm nurturing and maintenance activities. But the company at abroad found a small carbon packet that might have been used for ripening certain quantity of mangoes. The whole lot of mangos deal was at halt and there was total loss of revenue for minor quality compromise experience.

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Choose The Adequate Qualities In Life

As the quality of your thoughts make a lot of difference, you choose quality reading or listening. You like to read a good book because it is well researched, edited and re-arranged in a presentable manner. The rigorous attempts for several years make a good book which comes out for readers and serves for generations.

Quality of life matters when you invest in mindful learning. Some of the motivating audios or videos are life changing events. Your thought process is changed with a single idea. You derive your motivation and work for your goal and grow in your specific field. Some of the amazing podcasts are available that change total trajectory of life.

Never choose your journey so cheap because it may not lead you to greatness. You have to pay the price in terms of money, time and energy. Some of the legendary performers live for ever even they are not present on earth because they sacrificed the way their work demanded. Scientists, singers and writers are present in the heart of people for generations because they never compromised with quality of their work.

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Psychological Theory of Quality of Life

Scientific & Academic Publishing researched as following,

The study of the quality of life is of great importance from the psychological perspective. This is due to the understanding and understanding of the economists and the meeting and their awareness of the fact that is not measured in numbers, despite the increase in growth rates and high income and improvement of living, provided that it provides the individual with well-being and satisfaction of his psychological needs and desires.

In 1995, Velsy and Perry introduced a three-element model of quality of life that reflects the interaction between life conditions and personal values. Specific definitions of these elements were presented as follows:

- Conditions of life: Includes the objective description of individuals and their living conditions.

- Personal satisfaction with life: It includes a sense of satisfaction with life conditions or lifestyle.

  • Personal values and personal ambition: include the relative value that the individual drops on the various conditions of objective life and the quality of life itself.
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