Learn From The Mistakes

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Learn from every mistake

We are habitual of celebrating our success and most of the time we enjoy celebrating the success of others. You must have seen millions of people in cricket ground or the football ground to enjoy the success of sportsman. We get inspired by the action taken by the sport men and we learn from their success. It’s even more important to learn from the mistakes of others too.

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Learn from the mistake of others

When you repeatedly commit mistake in different area although you learn and change yourself, a lot of time is already consumed that is never going to come back. But if you learn from every other person who commits mistake, you ae saved from committing the same mistakes again. Hence your saved time can be utilized for other important activities. A father of two young brothers had a bad habit of excess drinking of alcohol and died of the kidney failure. One of his sons also picked up the same and fell miserably sick for improper functioning of kidney but another son head very fine health. On asking the reason of his ill health when the first son was asked, he expressed that the father had chosen the way, so did I. And later on, died. But another son could save his health and therefore life by learning the lesson that if he had chosen the way that followed by his father, he would have also fallen sick and died.

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Learn from the situation

A same situation for two persons may be devastating but their attitude and thinking can vary the intensity of the event. In the book “Man’s Search for Meaning”, Viktor E. Frankl’s story is inspiring. It is a remarkable blend of science and humanism and an introduction to the most significant psychological movement of all time. The psychiatrist endured years of unspeakable horror in Nazi death camps due to primary search for meaning and therefore he could survive and tell his story unlike their counterparts who could not survive the torcher and therefore their thinking process for unbearable suffering could lead to their death.

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Key Takeaways

1.The smart man learns from his own mistake, smarter learns from mistake of other but the stupid one never learns from either.



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