Improving Your Neuroplasticity

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“The human brain is a wonderful organ. It starts to work as soon as you are born and doesn’t stop until you get up to deliver a speech.” -George Jessel

When you scan your brain, the image shows so many facts about overall health of your brain. A glass of wine may be good for your heart but it is never good for your brain. It has been observed from the brain scans that even if you do not take alcohol or do not smoke, your brain is sometimes scattered and damaged. It means that not only your bad food habits are responsible for your brain health but also some of the inadequate habits play vital role to spoil the health of your brain.

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Healthy Brain Vs Sick Brain

With healthy brain you are happier and healthier. You have more creativity and innovations. But with unhealthy brain you are sadder and sicker. You are rigid and dull. You must have seen when there is a brain injury and somebody survives, the activities of the victim is pathetic. Some of the damages may not at all affect the activities as it depends in which area of brain and what extant of injury it has penetrated. During my masters I had come across the study of brain which had a brain tumour but it was in such a part of brain location that it almost gave negligible ill effect on activities for rest of his life.

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Complex Structure Of Brain

Every brain cells are almost connected with different ten thousand other cells and they almost represent the structure like galaxy of stars in the universe. Brain is the most expensive part of your body as it consumes almost two third of your calories. The processes are hundred time faster than the advance computers. The aging process can be accelerated or decelerated through the kind of your behaviour. It was found that the brain is more cooler and relaxed with forgiveness to other on daily basis.

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Bad Brain Habits

Our brain is soft like butter and it is protected by hard cover of bony ridges. However severe external injuries are cracking the structure when we do not take precaution to wear a guard. You must have observed for multiple times that whole body is in tact but when there is brain haemorrhage, the chances of survival are remote. Just like external injuries, internal injuries are also detrimental just like after effects of drugs, smoking or excessive alcohol intake. Many a times, non-smokers are more affected in the company of smokers as exhaled smokes are more dangerous. Toxic environment is also equally responsible for shorter life like that of people residing near a factory with polluted air. Lack of exercise invites obesity, diabetes or high blood pressure. These disease are definitely make brain more sick. I took up the exercise at very early age because I did not want smaller size of brain or ailing functionality due to over weight. Sometimes automatic negative thoughts also do more damage than any other reason given above because they invite anxiety and depression.

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Possible Remedies To Protect Brain

I could not understand the effect of gratitude unless I read few books on positive mental attitude. I thought how can I be benefited if I forgive people? But I never knew that it eradicates the ill feeling and therefore I do not become the victim of stress with frequent repetition of hurt feelings. Positive social connections always release dopamine and therefore have healthy function of brain. Your physical exercise and meditation will not only keep your organs active and fresh but indirectly keep your brain cool. Great diet will increase the richness of the brain structure. One of my friends was taking regular exercised and good diet, however, he became victim of anxiety and depression and later on had heart attack. We could later on come to know that he was sleeping for less than 5 hours which became the cause of disaster. One of he best reason for healthy brain which can not be underestimated is the new learning on a regular basis. It is worth taking care of most valuable part of your body with number of such activities because it takes most of the decisions and you have fruitful longevity.

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Spread The Awareness To Build Better Brain

I thought of writing this present book after reading few books and became more aware after listening the great speakers. If I keep this fantastic knowledge derived from them with me only, it will be buried in earth when I leave this planet. But the day I read the book ‘Die Empty’, I decided to share the knowledge with other humans till it turns into a mission to build better brain for innovation to the lives of others.

Whenever I used to attend functions, I always admired new learning and critically pointed out for unhealthy food habits. Being a marathon runner I always advised especially youngsters to take part in cross country running, cycling or other sports according to their tastes. Being a psychologist, I always tried to change the inadequate behaviour of friends so that we can build healthy social environment. Most of my friends left non-vegetarian food when I explained that we get more protein from meat but chances of falling prey to cancer are doubled. I could only advise them for vegetarian food after establishing authority to take vegetarian food for rest of my life. Let us together create happy world with healthy brains.

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Take away

1. When you question your thoughts, you are more rational.

2. When you are in learning mode, you have more connections in brain.

Build Better Version Of Yourself



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