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“Rank does not confer privilege or give power. It imposes responsibility.” — Peter Drucker

Writing email has become most common task in existing time. We write number of emails on daily basis but an effective email sometimes give ever-lasting effect on our mind. I must have written millions of emails during my corporate job but after learning about the specific details about writing impactful email I could realise the importance of it’s minute details and effects for desirable increased responses especially after learning automated email system.

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Great Role Of Email

Email has a wider range of purposes from promotion of product or service, turning subscribers to customers, sharing vital information, building relationship, driving product sales or offering value added services. Earlier we used to write individual emails or specified contents were delivered to number of recipients with the aid of CC or BCC. But with latest email applications now it is possible to send personalised emails to thousands of recipients by a blast with single click.

With existing facilities of the emails provided by various vendors, now it has become possible to deliver email with images, video, podcast, links and various embedded facilities. These all activities are supported within the email itself.

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Kinds Of Various Emails

With respect to the nature of email there may be various types of email.

Welcome email

It is generally sent to recipients when subscribers join the team through the landing page, webpage or similar offer. It gives good impression since the invitation seems to be happy moments and sometimes good value addition offers.

Special offer email

This type of mails are sent to customers for discount offer or premium product deals. The offer may be for limited time but when it is sent to number of recipients , the most needy customers are able to avail the chance.

Newsletter email

Newsletters are an important component of effective email marketing and branding. It is sometimes believed that newsletters are outdated but ignoring them can restrict brands from growth. Newsletter sent at regular interval of time has huge potential for boosting up the business. Many a times the newsletters are responsible for higher conversion rate.

Survey email

Survey emails have become best practices now a day for gathering various information from customers or visitors. It is advisable to share the true purpose of survey so that there will be neutral response from the customers from the market. We should always have gratitude for the participants as they spend valuable time for the subject survey.

Request email

This type of email is sent to number of recipients for specific reviews or the testimonials. The results are used for the promotion of product or service. The third party review always works for credibility. It happens that everybody may not respond to the mail but few of them may revert with good attitude and that may solve the purpose.

Announcement email

It is one of the effective ways for communication. The announcement may be for promotion in an organisation, a training schedule or retirement of certain employees or it may be a simple salary related information like bonus etc. The mail should be clear and concise.

Additional email

Additional emails may be for various types of information like birthday, anniversary etc. The mail may also be for free trial expiration or certain service. This type of mails may be for reordering, confirmation or shipping information or mere apology of not delivering product on time.

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How to write formal email

Whether you write a new email or reply the email received, if it is clear, concise and professional, it will have dashing effect on the mind of recipient. Number of templates are available for different occasions and events, however your own templates may work like magic. Drafting a well crafted email is an art. The person receiving email may not escape from emotional touch if you have written a well designed email.

Subject Line

The subject line should be written in such a way that purpose of whole email should be understood with a glance. When you have to write number of emails, you have to be careful about the subject line. Many a times it happens that while drafting the email, everything is changed but subject line of previous email remains same. This may be by mistake but ill effects may give very bad consequences on the mind of recipient. It is even possible to personalise the subject line if you have little knowledge of fields like {{ subscriber.first_name }}.


Proper salutation gives good impression. Avoid combined salutations like Sir/Madam, Mr/Mrs. This can be avoided with an extra field of male and female in the data base and Sir or Madam can be selected with ‘if statement.’

Greetings And Opening Sentences

A greeting at the beginning of the email refreshes the mind of recipient. An impactful starting sentence make him to read whole email keenly. ‘Well begin is half done’ is the proverb may really be useful in the case of good correspondence. Avoid texts or casual languages like hi, yaa etc. especially when email is professional.

Body Of The Email

The whole details of email is narrated in the body part of the email. It should be born in mind that if the details are longer, it should be in distinguished parts like bulleted points, numbering etc. If it is possible, images also can be used for better presentations.

Closing Of Email

A good closing if email is equally necessary. It should be just like exit from the stage of drama. Closing may have FOMO (fear of missing out) effect. The closing should have some action point or call to action so that there may be effective follow up action and mutual connection continuation. Never ask the question again that has already been answered earlier.

Signature Of The Email

Signature of the email should be followed after the word like regards, best regards etc. Professional email signature for the purpose of business should invariably include branded logo. Name can be followed by website address or social media platform profile address. Colour combination and sometimes gif in signature adds added value to the email.


Writing a good email is developed over a period of time. With experience we can draft amazing email or a well written template which can be used when there is paucity of time. With the combination of automated version, adequate format and well mannered language will always give a professional touch to the reader. Certain subject protocols may grow your business considerably.

Take Away

1. “One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it is worth watching.”

2. “Good ideas come from bad ideas, but only if there are enough of them.” — Seth Godin

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