How To Write A Good E-book

“Life without a Kindle is like life without a library nearby.”-Franz McLaren

Writing e-book has become so handy that now-a-days anybody can write the e-book. If you are fond of reading books and read number of books on various topics, you can easily write the e-book and publish for the benefits of mass. E-book is preferred over the paperback and it is very easy to store, even within your androids. After writing few e-books I can share my knowledge although still I am the person who is still ‘work in progress’ kind of individual. If you spend considerable time as per following directions, you can also become best seller writer like me.

Research And Audience

If you are willing to write a good e-book, you have to first decide your target audience. Without defining pain points of the people you will not be able to write good book. There is 80% of research is involved and only 20% of writing for the subject topic. Along with the pain points, you have to consider the demography, goals, values etc. For instance some of the stories or facts in Indian set-up may not be much effective at certain countries abroad. So your topic should be beneficial to the kind of readers you are targeting.

Discover the problems of readers, ask related questions and answer them through your writings and experience so that they are satisfied. Also find out the competitors and their works so that you can serve better for the audience you are seeking.

Title And Subtitle Of The Book

Title or subtitle of your book should immediately convince what kind of problem you are going to solve or what type of readymade service you are going to provide to the public. Narrowed down topic or niche may serve better and may rich to needy people. If you have general topic or the subject of varieties, it may not attract the attention of the readers. A specialist earns more money that the general medical practitioner. We take specific drug to cure our ailments. In the same way readers choose the book according to the problem he or she wants to solve. It is therefore advisable to use appropriate keywords so that while searching the book on platform they easily get the book.

Introduction And Table Of Content

When you introduce the book in initial part of the book, you should briefly narrate what type of benefits the book is going to provide. Familiarise the reader what he is going to expect from different types of information or facts related to topic. If you show the value in initial part of the book, reader is going to maintain the tempo for going through the later part of the book. Your quick and brief introduction about yourself may add the value to the book.

The table of content should be clickable and there should be in logical sequence of the chapters. Reader should barely be able to feel that he is jumping from one chapter to another chapter. It may be useful in many cases that you guide the reader to lead to next chapter. Chapter numbers and name should be attractive and should be selected as desirable heading style as per keyword research. For instance the heading written as “How to make your communication effective!” is better than “Improve communication.” It is advisable to use sub-headings in some cases. Break the chapter in sub-headings and several key points so that reader do not get bored.

Outlines And Their Contents

Each chapter should contain specific information and should include data, graphics, images, stories, messages and researches and facts with references. Whenever the reader is to be referred, he may be provided hyperlink or clickable internal or external links so that he can jump from topic to topic or reference to reference so that he can better understand the topic in lucid manner. Tables, explanatory headings and relative information may enrich the reading and reader may have worth experience of your writing style and information gathered for the e-book and it will definitely give adequate value to the reader.

Summarize The Book

A good race on the track is always finished by faster sprint. Your good summary may give ‘exciting exit effect’ to the reader and summary may also induce some of the effective implementation in real life so that there is good action motivation. The references provided at the end is always useful for the reader so that he can further read so of the topics in detail as per his requirement. Credit references are always believed to be a good etiquette not only for readers but as authors point of view.

Call To Action

Call to action is always desirable as the reader considers for worthwhile action and implement the knowledge in deeper sense for getting more benefits on the topics discussed in the book. Call to action may be to join some video course, linked to further reading, availing another book, directing reader to a scheduled meeting or appeal to attend recent seminar useful on the subject.

Take Away

1. Your dedicated work of hours may change the years of reader.

2. As the 17th century English writer Joseph Addison once wrote, “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”



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