How To Improve Your Content Writing

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“It’s not the best content that wins. It’s the best promoted content that wins.” -Andy Crestodina

There is always a scope for improvement whether you are indie author blogger or copy writer. A smallest consistent efforts leads to huge success. In todays cut throat competition it has become necessary to improve one’s skill so that content becomes outstanding. Human psychology has always played a vital role for successful content writer. The content writer who has implemented the emotion and instinct has always made their ways to top. More engaging content is the offspring of psychological insights.

Content writing can be made more effective with the implications of psychology in following ways.

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1. Positivity

Generally people like positive side of news or they always want to hear something good. The desirable results are also obtained from positive mind-set. During the land acquisition process of Reliance industries, Dhirubhai Ambani had organised a meeting with his advisers and asked about formation of refineries in the year 1988. Most of the advisers gave negative feedback like ‘it is very much difficult to acquire smaller pieces of land from villagers’, ‘industry can pollute the climate’, ‘city is not convenient’, ‘costal area is disadvantage’ and lot many other things. The chairman listened quietly for a while and said, “So far you have given all the reasons who refinery can not be established. Those who are having negative ideas can leave the meeting.” In a couple of years later largest refinery started taking shape.

Positive attitude in language, silver line advises and motivational words always change the mind-set of readers. They are already full of negative ideas, they always prefer something great and exciting. Your powerful words can change their way of thinking and existing belief system.

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2. Fear Of Missing Out

This is the technique that drives the reader or visitor to encourage for taking action. 10% discount for electronic items during festival always committed people to buy those shiny products. The timer set during the online webinar always gave higher conversion rate. The attendees always thought they are gong to miss out the deal. Your sparing copy writing message may entice the visitors or users to grab the opportunity otherwise they thought there might be heavy loss later on.

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3. Social Proof

There is always conformity with regard to undergo deal or purchase particular product or service when there is enough social proof. Mouth publicity of a friend always works when he has used the product and confirms the benefits. A number of testimonials for a brand always make enough sales due to third party assurance.

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4. Modular Approach of Topics

Topic clusters are centred around a single topic and offer multiple internal linking opportunities to keep readers on your site. content cluster should start with a robust pillar page and then include links to all-related topic cluster pages. More specifically, this breakdown looks like: Pillar. Content created in this manner will always appeal to the customer to revisit the page.

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5. Content Skimming

Skimming refers to the way in which one reads at a faster rate to gain the general idea about the text without paying heed to the intentional and detailed meaning of the text. This is different from scanning. In scanning one is in deep understanding of the word but in skimming he derives the idea through heading and sub headings.

Sometimes reader is missing rich content when it is not formatted in good style. People have very less time for details. A good bold heading or italic words are sometimes catchy. One peep through headings only to get hold of idea. Drawing attention is the dire need to attract the visitor. Sometimes the selective intensive information is preferred by customers than the wide extensive contents.

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6. Call To Action

If you have cooked very delicious dish but if the eating does not take place, whole purpose of cooking is defeated. The ultimate goal for whole content writing is conversion after taking required action. There should be a narrowed down focus for the desired action of the customer or visitor.

Whether you wish to move the customers to push the button or lead to another page or submit predetermined data, you have to lead them to a clearly directed single point. I observed number of landing pages when button is pushed, I was directed to another page in which there were number of options and I left the site as I was confused.

Call to action should be as brief as possible and lead the visitor by dominated strong word. In stead of using,

“If you desire to go for the benefits, you may click on following button”,

Use strong words like,

‘Join The Wonderful Community’,

‘Discover The Best’,

‘Discover Your Potential’ etc.

Take Away

1. ‘I have done’ is far better than ‘I have almost done’, choose between ‘done’ or ‘not done’

2. Always create your own unique content style which will reflect your true identity.

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