How To Become Content Writer

“It’s not all about content. It’s all about stories. It’s not all about stories. It’s all about great stories.”

-Mitch Joel

Content writing is the backbone of todays digital world. According to some of the experts the content writing creates a huge leads to the growth of website, brand and digital market as a whole. Earlier it was considered that the content writing is good article creation. But it is myth. The expectation of readers and marketers have gone beyond the traditional blog writing. Now it has become the need for related information of the targeted audience.

Daily Writing

Writing is the raw material or ground work that is done in content writing. After the considerable research the material or data is prepared and published in most amusing readable formats. A good cricketer hits fours and sixers in almost every innings but he has done ground work of facing 400 to 500 balls every morning during practice sessions.

A young boy asked to German composer and pianist Beethoven during one of his concerts, “Sir, Can I play piano like you?

He said, “Yes, you can!”

The young boy was curious, “Sir, how can I do?”

Beethoven said, “You have to practice for 8 hours daily for 40 years!”

You can become renowned content writer if you have sufficient work examples ready to present to people before you get paid.

Appropriate Association

I can become a good gambler if I am in the company of gamblers. I can not become good cricketer if I am in the company of hockey players. Likewise, if you want to be a good content writer, you have to be in company of subject individuals. You should not only become genuine critic for other content writers but you should allow others to give their feedback and suggestions for your writings. Most of us like appreciations and we do not like criticism. Introspection for your criticism will shift your gears in writing journey.

Specific Niche And Genre

Content writing is a huge market. Once you have developed the basic skills, you can write on any subject. However it has been found useful and profitable if you select a specific niche or genre. A general medical practitioner is mediocre in his income than the orthopaedic surgeon. You may be jack of all trades but master of none. Once you write on specific subject, you may be more known for your craft and your own branding may make you more influential and profitable. Choose the micro niche so that needy people may approach you for their specific needs.

Top Most Writing Tips

1. Adequate Target Audience

I saw a luxurious car on hoarding of a larger mall. But I did not pay attention towards the display because I did not have sufficient money during my last visit to Singapore. It is a super market approach. If you go to vegetable market, you do not purchase everything. In the same way you can not approach everybody for your contents. You may have to select specific business area, particular age group or defined location for your writings. You may be specialist in film script writing but my be miserably fail to sell for your clients who are dealing in sales of laptops.

2. Hooking Techniques

I was always boring my readers when I published the article on some of the media. One of my author friend gave me advise for a good hook in the beginning and leaving last impact at the finish line. It could grow my audience by hundreds. Your exiting short story or message may entice the visitor on your landing page or website. People are hungry if your contents are crafted with facts and authentic data. Make use of observations and well researched data even with the references of creators.

3. Easily Accessible Information

I was demoralised with a very useful content when right click was disabled and I was unable to scan the information from a very famous advertisement. I opted for same type of content and product from another advertisement from different company. Many a times people want to save data and think twice for accepting the offer in their spare time. So allow them to save the data easily. I subscribed number of software during my spare time after saving them to my folders as I was busy doing important task as priority.

4. Easy And Targeted Navigation

Sometimes when you visit a page and click on a link or image, you are directed to another page where you meet with jumbled images and you are lost. If you are directed to a specific single product or service, you are more likely to decide about purchasing the needed item. People have very poor decision making. Your content should help them to land on a specific clearly approachable set or unit.

5. Be Friendly With Readers

Your single rude word may immediately withdraw your reader from the site, article or page. Your humble approach in words you have projected may attract their attention and make them emotional. Do not be passive in approach like ‘Out product can be availed…’ rather then use ‘You can simply order your needs…’ Active voice may sound more personal than complicated passive and reserved approach.

6. Your Layman’s Approach

Replace your professional and high level language with simple terms. People are least interest in your adverbs and idioms knowledge than their specific needs of product or services. People are more convinced with examples and testimonials. Your simple language without jargons may be more charming and most memorable for their future approaches. So keep your copy simple.

7. Add Visuals And Graphics

Mind retains more specific information in the form of pictures, videos or graphics than the words. Graphical interchange formats are sometime more effective due to psychology of its repeated nature. A paragraph of your writing can be replace with a short video technically drafted. People spend very less time for their need. They visit numbers of pages or sites and decide for their specific requirements.

8. Assign Readers Some Action

Generally people are lazy. They do not act unless you specifically ask them to do so. Sometimes their attitude is so much ignored that if you do not tell them to click on following link they do not. Readers ignore and skip the information unless you do not tell them specifically to ‘Submit’, ‘Sign Up’ or “Join’

Take Away

1. The Secret of Good Writing is to say an old thing in a new way.

2. If you wait for motivation, you are not writer you are waiter.



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