How To Be Happy Every Day

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“Happiness is a thing to be practiced, like the violin.” — John Lubbock

Happiness Happens

Happiness is a relative experience just like success. You can be happy even when you are in pain, or you cannot be happy even if you have abundance resources. A little joy can be achieved in any trivial act. Suppose you are craving for small little things which was lost during shifting of your house and you needed badly. One fine morning you get the thing, and you are at the top of the world. The university migration certificate was lost in transit, and it was found in the cupboard. I could not take my eyes off the certificate for few minutes as there was a pain behind process of obtaining it from university after lot of struggles.

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Happiness Is A Choice

Your every emotion can be your choice. You are too much hungry and you see two things in front of you, one is burger, and another is apple. It depends upon your previous experience to choose the food. Last time if the burger had made your stomach upset, you might choose the apple this time. Happiness is a choice at every level. Our minds naturally project our thoughts onto reality. We are slaves to our senses. Senses are powerful and do not allow you to be stable.

Even in the phase of the most challenging situation, you can choose happiness. Choose to be grateful for what you have, or you can be miserable on thinking that your friend has more than you have. You can choose to feel appreciated for who you are. Even in the face of times, you have a choice. After heavy exercise when your dopamine is released, you feel happy even you have little pain in your muscles.

The best predictor of your happiness is your emotional health. Your morning song can give you endless happiness or serving food to needy may become your inner happiness chatter. If you do not believe in giving, read material on psychology of giving. I guarantee that your brain and your body will definitely be rewired for giving. In fact, there was a survey on spending money for self-development and charity. It was inferred that same amount of giving resulted in much more satisfaction and gave more generosity than spending on subject amount on self.

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Happiness can be found in the smallest of things

Small drops of water from the city tap will fill the bucket in considerable time. Little joy for every moment will fill your life with content feeling. You will have a piece of mind. You can replace every thought of your negative experiences with an equal amount of positive counterpart. How can somebody change your mood or happiness without your consent. One of my closest relatives was never upset with the harsh words from her mother-in-law. One fine day I asked her,

“Your mother-in-law is abusing left and right; do not you get upset!”

She said, “Can you listen over telephone if I drop the receiver? I drop the receiver when there is unwanted noise!” It is great, is not it? I also learn to drop the receiver every time there is negative talk from the people I converse.

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of time

One of my friends in Armed Forces always gave me a positive lesson when he used to talk with his girlfriend.

Is climate ok at border?

He replied,

“Today only -150 temperature, quite less than last few days. Today I enjoyed eating banana as the truck bringing food could not deliver, I could relax for sometimes as there was no firing of enemy since last few hours.”

When she asked, “Is everything ok at home?”

He replied,

“Just north side wall house at village has fallen down due to heavy rain; our cow injured my mother, and she broke her hand. Father fell down from cycle and there is crack in his ankle. There was a power cut in the city and my sister could not study properly for unit test. Rest everything is fine!”

What a strong mentality!

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Happiness Is Always From Within

Have you any time observed your day for happiness?

Imagine a day as following,

“You were shaken by your companion in early in the morning with scolding that you are like pig. You hurriedly came out of home, but a man pushed you in the lift and injured in hurry. On the road you were stopped by a two-wheel rider and abused you for crossing at wrong time. You went in the garden and a boy threw ball on your face. When you were late for breakfast, your mother scolded and threatened not to give breakfast next morning. Your father made you upset as you did not bring his medicine from the medical store.”

The whole day will make you more upset. Let me restrict up to your breakfast.

Imagine another day,

“You were kissed on your forehead by your partner and gently edified you for your morning routine. A friend wished you in the lift. When you crossed the road two-wheel rider smiled and let you go in a polite manner. The boy in the garden requested for a ball to deliver him and invited to play with his team. Everybody was waiting for super-fun family dining together. Your mother edified you for reaching to home timely. Your father thanked you as you brought medicine in time.”

The second day was quite desirable, is not it? Our behavior can be altered in such a way that it should please people. People will reciprocate.

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Take away

1. Your stress hormone will never secret if you train to replace equal amount of past positive experience.

2. Do you bite back when dog barks? Understand and response favorably for your benefits.

3. Some people are very happy 7x24x365. Do you want to join this minority? Choice is yours.

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