Fail Fast Fall Forward

“Your voice is like kid!”, Said Shona, a middle-aged lover of the young girl Jeni.

He further said while talking over the phone call,

“Why do you hesitate and feeling like a shy and newbie girl.”

After talking in a professional way as a literate content writer Jeni did not clarify over phone but silently sent message that her room partner, another girl was in room.

Shona was little disappointed because the Jeni was in full-fledged mode of chatting during previous night. She accepted Shona as her lover within 24 hours and recognized him as true matured lover after peeping through his profile.

Athletic back ground of the Shona was quite interesting for her and therefore never looked back during chatting over social media. She just offered him all her feelings with a deep conscious sense. Shona trusted after looking to her blue little eyes and started sharing some of his old and new experiences in life.

Jeni had the past of relationship break up before marriage and tried to commit suicide also during the days of constraint. She could survive due to some of her good friends but later on focusing on literature and English communication skills. She built her carrier as content writer and started job with a reputed firm.

It was a fine early morning 4 am when Shona got up as per his routine and the moment he remembered her, she appeared on his mobile screen. “Is it telepathy?”, said the Shona to Jeni.

“Yes, my love, I am practicing with you!”, said Jeni.

They chatted for a couple of hours and exchanged true feelings in whatever way the lovers mingle with each other. Both were in deep love feeling and simultaneously thinking about their carriers in content writing and decided to go through grinding phase to learn every possible skill required to make influence to on line users and related such audience.

Jeni was thousands of kilometers away from Shona but always felt near to him. Several times she felt and expressed in his lap. She had liberty to chat with Shona all twenty-four hours as she was living in a separate accommodation with her friend Meenakshi. But she always focused on work of his job and also acted as loyal friend to Shona. Meenakshi was studying in college and never disturbed the Jeni during her busy hours of content writing work from home situation or the chatting she did with probable lover.

Shona made her to wake from her present position and motivated to work for her personal dreams. He explained, “Digging well and taking out water for somebody is just like working for money in a firm or organization, but digging own well for own water is something worth doing for own independent business and self-sufficient financial status.” She agreed to work as joint venture for the independent business and promised to Shona to work with flexible schedule.

Shona craved for Jeni but he was disappointed as she could not talk to him over telephone the way he expected. He was playing good piano and therefore shaded tears for hours together playing the musical instrument.

Will the Jeni come to know the status of mind of Shona.

What happened over next day.

Let us see in next part of the story.

Awaiting your responses…

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Former aircraft engineer IAF, Retired Branch Manager SBI, Psychologist, Best Selling Author & Defence Recruitment Trainer

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Former aircraft engineer IAF, Retired Branch Manager SBI, Psychologist, Best Selling Author & Defence Recruitment Trainer