Creative Copy Writing

“Oh, do not use big words, they mean so little.”- Oscar Wilde

It is the process of writing for the purpose of persuading for the promotional goods or services. The copy writing is not too much narrative like content writing. It is narrowed down to motivate people to purchase or entice for a consultation or collaboration. It is mainly used to assign some action to lead for the need of customer.

Copy writing is a marvellous tool in todays digital era to conceptualise the advertisement. It helps in competitive marketing campaigns. Almost whole portion of copy writing has shifted from in-house to online process. Earlier the gifted writers were employed for limited scope of newspapers, magazines and hoardings but now the demand of online copy writers have increased with wide range of target markets through websites, emails, news letters etc.

The Source Media

The information processed may be passed to the end users through number of media like video presentation, printed material, part of podcast or script of commercials. The text in these formats are called ‘Copy’ therefore it is generally named as ‘copy writing’. Various promotions are used through different types of advertisements like hoardings, catalogues, sales letters etc. But in prevailing time, online copy writing is widely used like landing pages, websites, emails, news letters, free reports and postings of social media platforms.

Copy Writing Vs Content Writing

Content writing is more narrative than copy writing. The content writers are paid for number of words but the copy writers are paid on strategies and number of sales. A huge writing is led to copy writing technically with some of the buttons or text leading to specific information like ‘Jump on..’ ‘Follow us..’, ‘Get on..’ or ‘Ask us..’ Whether it is website, page of article, landing page or enticing graphical interchange format, it leads to persuasive marketing. Some of the formats like ‘How to..’ videos, YouTube product review or commercials are prevalent in market for sales of products or services.

Copy writing is more concise and grabs the attentions of reader within few seconds. It entices the reader due to hook demanding focus. The wording convinces the reader immediately without undergoing the details which may be followed by technical or specification data or usage.

Copy Writing And Copyright

Copywriting is the process of creating something of value that an organization can use to promote the product/service, grow the business, and/or even make it more efficient or business-optimized. On the other hand, copyright protects an item of value. It’s usually common with authorship of website copy, novels, or music. It can be more clear with an example. Suppose you have written a book. If another author writes his book with a portion of your content in the same manner without giving your reference of your name, this is violation of copyright. The re-written content may be challenged in court.

Top Copy Writing Skills

There are some useful copy writing skills which may lead you to be outstanding in market.

1. Tailor Made Techniques

A good copy writer should follow the techniques of tailor who stiches the cloths according to the need of his client. He has lot of ideas and styles but he never imposes or advises beyond the limitation of his client. In the same manner, a copy writer should adapt the different writing style according to the style and tone of the client. In fact his client has more clear idea of people than you possess about his business trend.

2. Stick To Search Engine Optimization

It is one of the most important skill for the copy writer to have basic search engine optimization ideas because the target audience always depend upon the products or services through search engine. The buzz words or the specific key words should be used in such a way that it should attract the attention immediately for the desired service or product.

3. 80% Research Vs 20% Writing

A copy writer gets mastery of the craft when he or she has wide range of reading and observation. He should update his knowledge with latest trends and new techniques. You can sustain your position if you are pervading through the current market scenario. 20% of your writing may be obtained from wide extensive studies from videos, podcast, articles, books etc.

4. Work Under Stress And Constraints

Excessive stress is always harmful but if you work under little more pressure than comfortable pace, you can give better result. The businessman or a company hiring you will always be in hurry to get their clients. You may not be comfortable due to your own situations but you have to go with the phase and get the work done for prevailing need.

5. Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Your different ideas may play miracle. Never stick to stereotype perspective or angle. You should be highly curious and explore all possible standpoints. A film actor spends maximum time with the type of like people for the role he has to play. Get the maximum knowledge of product or services for which you have been assigned to write. Context is more import than content. A successful copy writer reaches to address the pain point and tap to the mind-set of customer.

Take Away

1. There is no good or bad product, it is desirable or undesirable.

2. A good illustration is worth a thousand words.



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