Connecting The Dots, The Way I Changed In 2022!

7 min readJan 2, 2023
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The year has just passed, let me share my views about previous year.

  1. Good Things Took Longer Time
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I was always impatient from eating my food fast and losing my calm in a blink to seeking instant results, I’ve struggled to wait for things to happen at their own pace.

When I completed publishing my 10th book in Dec 2022, I was impatient to make money but continued publishing and made my first audiobook to appear on the platform.

Despite poor execution and dissatisfying results, it took me a while to understand that if you intend to reach the 100th book, you must climb through the 10th, 20th, 30th, and more, and there is no shortcut. It’s everyday project work.

Daily writing with a bit of patience has delighted my moods.

2. Thinking Big

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When I started writing books before a couple of years, my goal was only to earn enough so I wouldn’t need a job. After my master’s in psychology three decades back, I did not utilize my knowledge and skills.

But when one of my mentors made it happen, it charged me the energy and happiness and made me confident.

I realized how my small goals made me take baby steps and I could grow.

I then networked with people and did exceptionally well to influence thousands of followers which made me rich in friends. I did not believe how I could make 10K followers in a single year.

I have still the middle-class mindset and I am still a ‘work in progress’ but there are golden opportunities in 2023 and beyond.

Eventually, over decades, it was never planted in my mind to think in lacs even when I have the ability and huge potential to make crores. I believe now firmly as I crossed my six-figure passive income.

It has taken the hell out of me over a couple of years to pass through the grinding phase of this scarcity mindset and ultimately think big — in terms of influence and wealth.

3. Comparison Almost Killed Me.

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It made me feel inadequate and I rubbed my face with all things I do not have or have not achieved yet in terms of material things reminding myself of not doing enough, working enough, earning enough, or living enough.

It made me feel like I was not enough. With constant efforts, conscious thoughts, and mindful living, I have finally come a long way in focusing on my realistic dream journey.

Now I am in a position to realize that I am special, my journey is unique, and that I cannot compare my 1st step with someone’s 11th has brought so much calmness into my life.

4. Sustainable And Steady Living

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Let me, be very much honest, the hustle culture had become a fad for me.

I had no work-life balance in my corporate life but now I realized and wrote articles, made videos, and released a podcast on the subject. Now I am doing, preaching and teaching to thousands of my followers at an early age so that they are well-organized in their lives.

Let me tell you, life has so much more than just a career and money.

There are multiple aspects to it right from health, wealth, relationship, and spiritual lives. There are plenty of things that cannot be bought with money. Even released a video on the subject. When life is a culmination of all these equally important factors, why do we just focus on one?

I believe that to live a fulfilling and wholesome life, we must balance all these aspects. And this is what sustainable living is for me.

5. I Can Not Build Empire Alone

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I was confident that no one else could produce what I could, even if they could. I can only solve certain problems. This arrived in me because I had a limited mindset.

For years together I refused to acknowledge that I was overworked, messed up, stressed, and stagnant. It was not until I had so much work and the water were above my nose that I started working on myself.

When I learned from my master, I was stunned! It was a painful process like that of an eagle who goes through rejuvenating process at the age of 40 and live for 30 more years.

When I published my first book in the international market, my perspective changed!

Now there is no looking back.

I currently have 10 titles, 150+ YouTube videos, 100+ podcasts, and 10K followers.

This whole process not only brought out the hidden version of me, but I also realized that I could build empires for potential students who are learning from me.

6. What goes down, has to come up

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I do not tell lies. I’ve had my share of lows this year.

· There have been months I did not make enough money from books.

· There were days I cried myself for want of money for self-education and skill-learning paid software.

· There were moments I questioned myself in front of the mirror about the 100 goals I had written in my diary.

And then some breakthroughs and transformations established that what goes down has to come up.

Invariably, whenever something goes array in my life, within a week or so, life bounces me back with something surprising!

I believe that it’s the positivity, optimism, and faith in the ultimate supreme that favors you.

And to top all these, I was feeling lost.

Just when things seemed to go downhill. Then came a few books in my life.

I learned, “Am I wounded, or Am I wise with experiences?”

Life bounced me back in ways I still find unbelievable!

The truth is the good, and the bad — everything happens for a reason.

7. Asking For Help Is Smartness And Not Weakness

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For years, I dreaded even the thought of seeking help.

I had an image in mind that asking for help meant you were weak and vulnerable — it hurt my fragile ego.

So, I walked the path alone, believing I could figure it out myself.

Then I was overwhelmed.

My life was chaotic.

And I was on the verge of giving up.

The more I listened to ultra-successful people, the more I realized how stupid I was.

I had a limited identity. Did not think beyond limits.

Everybody needs help. No one has it all figured out.

You cannot be the smartest person in the room; if you are, you are probably in the wrong room.

If I am alone and miserable, I am in bad company!

I promised to let down my guard and ignore what my ego had to say.

And I sought help.

I reached out to people when I couldn’t figure out something.

Even I learned things from my nephew who was 10 years old.

I humbly accepted that I am struggling and don’t know enough.

And what a relief that was!

Most people out there are willing to help you — the world is kinder than we think. You just have to be a humble learner and learn to ask.

Because if you don’t ask, the answer is always NO.

Remember: Millions of people have walked down the path you are planning to, and though with time you can figure out things yourself, at times, you don’t have to.

8. Gratitude Works

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The concept of manifestation, visualization, and gratitude sounded too esoteric.

But no matter how weird these techniques sound, they intrigue you.

So slightly embarrassed, I secretly picked out a diary and started writing everything I dreamed of, desired, and aspired to be.

Moreover, I started my day by penning down ten things I was grateful for.

I continued this process for a longer time, it worked in mysterious ways!

Things came to me effortlessly when I followed affirmations.

These techniques assisted me in my journey by working on my subconscious and changing how I perceived this world.

Things magically turned into reality.

9. Final Thoughts

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With this, I have reached the end of 2022. I received a lot of things including some powerful persons in my life.

Still, there are a lot of things left and somethings are still undone.

I feel I just need to reach to my friends and therefore I published these lines writing smoothly just like talking with amicable close friends.

Life is full of abundance — At the end of the year, you must have also fallen in love with yourself and your life Just like me!

Wish you all a very happy new year!

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