Connect To Your Inner Self

“You are who you are when nobody’s watching.”-Stephen Fry

Human has four fantastic aspects of being. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Generally speaking, in most of the cases we consider physical aspects and than decide our progress. It means we are giving importance to 25 % of total possibilities. Therefore, we are deprived for rest of 75% possibilities. When we present ourselves to others we go by appearance. We apply cosmetics, oil, trim our hair etc. But we forget expression of our hidden abilities, our reaction strength and the compassion which is inbuilt in ourselves but generally we do not utilise sometime during whole course of our life span.

This can be explained more clearly though example of software and hardware of computer. Suppose you have written a paragraph and when you take the print, you find that there was a spelling mistake. If you try anything with your printer, you can not change the printed material. You have to amend in the document, save it and then print. Our external appearance or physical well being is just like computer. Of course, just like printer, it has also got the value but without internal changes you can not have good results of yours activities or behaviour output.

Internal growth is hidden and sometimes, can not be judged externally. The trees are the good examples. Externally we see the beautiful structure of tree like stem, branches, leaves flowers etc. But the main cause responsible for standing and providing immense facilities lie in the roots. If the roots are not strong, any storm can destroy the tree. In the same way human has also other aspects like mental toughness, emotional stability and spiritual existence as his strong aspects to withstand possible storms in real life.

If you are internally strong it reflects in outside world. One of my mentors always told, “Open your mouth and I will tell about your image.” Your word are coming out of your mouth the way you think. If your thoughts are positive, you speak positive. But your thoughts are negative, you can not expect the word to be positive and can not expect the things to happen in a desired manner.

In contrast to the outer self, the inner self is about what can’t be seen externally. Your feelings, intuition, values, beliefs, personality, thoughts, fantasies, desire, and purpose are hidden inside you just like that of roots of the tree. A strong inner self means that you cope well with your emotions, are self-aware, have clarity and a good sense of your values, and feel a profound purpose in life.

How To Connect To Inner Self

You can be more alive and worthy if you connect yourself internally. Be introvert when you are alone. Being self centred is an ability that can define your personality. It is inevitable fact that if you are not connecting with your inner self, you are missing a very important person in your life. You can connect internally through following manner.

1. Breathing Exercise

Our total existence is dependent on breathing. Stop breathing and your existence is finished. If the duration of your breathing is short, you may have shorter life. But if you are able to breath with longer duration your life can be longer. Probably this is the best time to undergo the exercise of breathing. When you breath certain amount of air goes in your body through lungs. When you breath in, you extract the supply of Sulphur dioxide, Nitrous oxide, Ozone, Nitrogen dioxide, Iodine etc. apart from oxygen. Oxygen is the main course for your existence. While you breath out, you throw out not only carbon dioxide but also certain part of oxygen. Almost 5% of oxygen is retained in the body. The longer you breath these percentage may amount to be more in quantity.

For better regulation of these resources available in air, we need to do certain pranayama, yogic exercises, meditation and mudras. Deep breathing in silent climate especially early morning may give added advantage. Sit in meditating posture. It may be on the ground or chair too. If you are not able to concentrate on breathing count your inhaling and exhaling, first in increasing order and then in decreasing manner. Observe your breath which you inhale from nose to deeper level at abdomen and them exhale from abdomen to nose. Generally it is the path from Ingla-Pingal to Nabhi and visa versa. Inhaling, pause and exhaling, spiritually called Purak, Kumbhak and Rachak have generally specified timings. Time of pausing should be double than the inhaling and exhaling time should be almost four times than the inhaling for better retention of oxygen in the body.

2. Journaling

Journaling is nothing but writing in a journal or diary on daily basis. It is process of creating shadow copy of messages happening or occurring inside you mind. The transparency of this exercise will make more deeper the quality. This the best way to record you thoughts and feelings. The journaling practice of my early days are now coming out as outlines of my books at present.

Journaling is considered to be the oldest forms of self-help in the world, it is about exploring one’s own thoughts, feelings, impulses, memories, goals, and hidden desires through the written words. I observed in during psychological studies that journaling is often prescribed by therapists, counsellors, and spiritual mentors as a powerful way of developing more self-understanding and compassion.

Exploring uncomfortable emotions, incidents and facts can sometimes be challenging in all kinds of ways. Your little diary (Darling I Always Remember You), may be more and live a richer, more fulfilling life to keep reading. It can be uplifting, and we can also feel like we’re being scrubbed across the washboard of unpleasant history and wrung through the mangle of overwhelming emotion.

3. Yoga And Meditation

One of the greatest option to get the internal positive energies flowing is to do yoga. You can personalize this practice to what you like and feel comfortable. This is widely accepted practice almost in all cultural and geographical set ups.

Yoga is almost everything about learning and undergoing the magical movements of different parts of our body. It’s a awesome way to find balance in connecting the mind and inner self. The initial movements of body part in easiest way can be practice by Surya Namaskar. Later on the wide range of yogic exercise can be extended from Hath yoga to Nauli Kriya. This wonderful techniques have greatest advantage right from purification of abdomen, body as a whole to mind and soul.

Self Empowerment

You are the power house of your energies. Whatever is available in universe is available in your body. Some individuals are able to generate plenty of energy from within and some individual are never able to understand the energy pond within. We have got very busy schedule in existing time with various activities whether it is fruitful for life or just passing the time without having any adequate benefits. Mindful exercise is needed how much time to be allotted to such activities. If a passion driven life with self centric approach is evolved, life can be at different level than ordinary or average living style.

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