Care For The People You Love

6 min readSep 4, 2022
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“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.” — Tia Walker

Your concerns for other can be deep routed in their thoughts. There are multiple occasions you can care for others. Caring others will not only make good impact in your life but it will make your bond stronger forever. Whether you care for your family members, friends or office associates, care will always give happy feelings and people will love you unconditionally.

I am inspired to write on topic of care when I was reminded with a little but most powerful lesson, I learned from an incident happened before three decades ago. I was preparing for my master degree admission and searching for my migration certificate. I was upset for whole week as I had misplaced during renovation of house. My mother had picked up a folded paper while cleaning the house and kept in her cupboard. Since she was illiterate, she could not make out that it was the migration certificate and not mere use- and-throw paper. I got ready to catch a bus for university to make duplicate of certificate. Meantime she called me and showed the paper she had kept in cupboard; she said that it might be useful to carry it to university and handed over to me when I was about to leave from home. I was almost in tears and hugged my mother as she has relieved my tension. A smallest care of yours may be biggest relief for someone. I have not forgotten the attitude of caring mother after decades.

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Care For Yourself

We are sometimes so busy during our stressful life or too consumed with technology that we almost ignore ourselves. ‘Me-time’ is always beneficial than ‘We-time’. Self-care is always challenging as we sometimes feel guilty about taking the time required for such activities.

It has become so much difficult to care for self in present time that I do not hesitate to advise to join self-care programs or consult a therapist. If you plan to take self-care you can implement some of the principles and techniques in your routine to supercharge your productivity.

Who can take the responsibilities for your proper sleep, your gut health or exercise better than you? Your closest relatives may observe your activities and suggest dos and don’ts of your activities but it is after all you who has to implement the things. Sometimes you do not like people to advise you on self-care. In such case, the book on self-care or an audio are the best friends. Most important care you can take about yourself is your time. I highly appreciate one of my friends who leaves the place after five minutes of waiting time for whatever the reason of late coming.

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Make Time For Those Who Care For You

How many nights your mother must have not slept when you made your panty wet? You can never compensate the struggles of your father who did not wear good clothes to gift you a good watch. Can you forget your friend of childhood who spent time in hot sunny-after-noon when you were struggling to learn cycling?

It is quite difficult to spend time with all of your loved ones when you’re already overwhelmed by work, school, or busy life schedules. Psychology preaches that effects of spending time with people who you’re very close to you will always result in a positive effect on other areas of your life and may help destroy issues like low self-esteem, loneliness, anxiety and depression!

Quality time spent together is neglected in recent time. How many times your daughter must have missed you when you are busy in your work at remote place? There is no substitute of quality time with your family, no matter how affluent you are. You can always blossom if you consider at least one day in a week for spending time together for similar kind of interest activities. For instance, going for a movie, visiting a beautiful garden or spending time at seashore can never be forgotten by your children even they grow up. This kind of family time may vanish unpleasant twists and turns of family member especially when they are overloaded with organizational or project stresses.

It is a great importance to handle difficult times, transitions, and upsets but storms and thunders can be peacefully be removed when you are able to communicate during quality times.

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Care Enough to Confront

We have to accept the things that we cannot be happy while struggling with specific issues and we do not have peace of mind till we overcome the challenges we face. It is difficult to control some of the situations, but we can control our behaviors and how we respond to difficult things in life.

You might have huge followers in your life but everybody can not be useful for your issues or complications. You have to find out few true-blue individuals who can make your life worthy. Never forget to celebrate time when you get little success moments. You can always hang around with the people who have helped you in your struggled days. When you nurture such people, they will grow like tree in your life to give you shadow when you have unbearable hot times in life.

Never be afraid of the hard times and difficult situations. Always pray to God to give you the strength to withstand the problems or complex events and never wish to confront hurdles because they might make you much stronger than you are.

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Care For Your Goals

Just like Chinese bamboo tree, it may not be easy to achieve your goals easily. When you plant the seed of bamboo tree, nothing comes out of the ground even you nurture with water and fertilizer for years together. But after five years bamboo grow almost 80 feet within a couple of weeks. But you have to nurture continuously for longer time. Same is true about your goals and objectives. You may not have good results of your actions initially but you will jump with joy when you get success.

Feed your subconscious mind with positive commands and watch you goals each day with emotion and always visualize your end result in positive manner. From psychological viewpoints, it was proved that positive thinking about the result always give good impact on your body and immunity. It is always better to speak,

“I lose 20 pounds in gym and look younger!” is always better statement than,

“I lose 20 pounds and get read of any physical illness!”

Care For Ethic And Norms

Sometime we are so busy getting our targeted results that we may forget to take care of ethics and norms. A young boy of Indian cricket team did not care for ethic and norms during his cricket career and ultimately cricket board suspended for more than a decade. A single decade games might have made him very affluent and earned hundred times more than the bribe which were accepted by him.

So many high tycoons are behind the bars for so many years as they played with peoples sentiments and missed the requisite standards of ethics and norms. The people who cared for principles and ethics always live in the heart of people whether they are present or left for heavenly abode.

“Take Care of yourself so that you can take care of others and serve humanity better.”

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