Benefits Of Freelancing

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“No matter how much experience you have, how many degrees you have, or how well known you have become — there is always something new to learn. Don’t rest on your past experiences. If you do nothing to improve your skills, you won’t stay where you are.” -Laura Spencer

The old concept of retirement and todays life like rat race has been reducing number of days of work week. The concept of six days a week has reduced to five days a week and now it is gaining popularity of making it to four day work week.

Many thinkers and authors have reinvented and emphasised on reduced days of work so that families can have better time together. A decade back author Timothy Ferriss wrote a beautiful title ‘The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape the 9–5’ therefore to ‘Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich.’ Human avoids stressful life especially with respect to their jobs. It was found about the heart attacks that maximum of them happened on Mondays when they used to go for jobs after full enjoyments of weekly holiday.

Freelancing is becoming popular in existing era of jobs. Some of the content writers do not want to work from 9 to 5 job and want to be independent contractor. The self employed nature of job has become choice especially among youngsters. The freedom of work has attracted the content writer and freelancer to work independently as per their financial and other social needs.

There are following major benefits of freelancing,

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1. Diversified Projects

In growing online industries, freelancers have larger opportunities as independent contractors and they are able to work from project-to-project with different range of clients.

Hired as part-time employees, freelancers enjoy freedom of time and work as per their schedule. They have the choice to jump from project to project and have choice to leave the job as it is temporary in nature if there is work pressure beyond their reach and independence.

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2. Work Anywhere

Most important advantage is the nature of work place. It is not necessary that freelancer has to work from one place, he or she can work from coffee shop, pubs, public transport, garden, hotel room, museum, private office or abroad.

Freelancers are not confined to work monotonously. They can enjoy climate and have different work environment and therefore able to enjoy the work without fatigue or stress.

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3. Flexible Schedule

You have the opportunity to be away from conventional working hours and stereotype boring work schedules. There is transparency and heightened morale for working when you have flexible schedule for work. Flexible work schedules give you access to a wider and more talented applicant pool.

Sometimes you do not feel like to work, may be, due to ill health or the social gathering or occasions and your have liberty to take the off from the work. You do not have to take permission or re-allot the job to anybody else.

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4. Work-Life Balance

If you like the work you do, you may not get tired but if you do something forcefully and do not like it, you may leave it soon. So live with the work or leave the work. In corporate life, some of the employees work against their will and fall prey to stress and anxiety.

Work-life balance is a concept that emphasises the benefits of balancing your time and energy between your work and leisure. Although it is personal preference but major achievements in life happens with this balance.

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5. Be Your Own Boss

When you work independently you have freedom and choice of your work. If you feel like to work you are at liberty and if you do not feel you can be off the work. It is always said for work culture that people do not quit the job but boss. Sometimes you do not enjoy the work due to undue interference of the boss.

In your freelancing job, when you are working for your desired goal, you are in self discipline and you do not have to follow instruction of somebody. Nobody like orders but you love your internal motives when you work for yourself. Even if you are working for somebody, you are free to say no if you do not like the deal.

6. You Determine Your Salary

Considering you experience, location and skills you have acquired, you are able to define your salary. If you want to earn more, you spend time and energy more. If you have sufficient money, you may relax and spend time on vacations and hobbies. This is a fair offer and it is not possible when you are in 9 to 5 job under supervision of your boss or other employees. Whether it is minimum salary, mid point salary or dream salary you are the person who decide the limit.

Freelancing job allows one to explore the work-related challenges, as every new project helps them to learn better divulge in the new work assignments. There is always a change and challenge in work during different projects and people. One can enjoy the work for life time and be financially free.

Take Away

1. If you love the work, you do not have to be pushed or motivated.

2. You are never too late for freelancing job whether early days of your life or grey days of later life.

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Former aircraft engineer IAF, Retired Branch Manager SBI, Psychologist, Best Selling Author & Defence Recruitment Trainer

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Former aircraft engineer IAF, Retired Branch Manager SBI, Psychologist, Best Selling Author & Defence Recruitment Trainer

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