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“I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.”-Albert Einstein

You may be a finisher or looser. The state of your mind decides your outcome. In long distance running, the distance remains same for every athlete but someone becomes champion and someone leaves the race. The state of mind of individual decides the destiny.

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A marathon runner may choose to think about the miles already traveled or the ones that lie ahead. The idea of leaving the race pops up in the mind due to various reasons. That may be formation of acid in the stomach, excessive heat or humidity, pains thigh or blood coming out from the nose but he knows that these are the temporary pains which are going to lead to an incredible happiness when the race is finished.

A dieter who wants to lose few pounds may try to fight temptation by reminding themselves of the certain pounds already lost, or the only left to lose but his neuro association with future happiness compels him to bear the existing pain.

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The intensity of pain beyond 180 decibels threshold peg to death but a woman in labor sustains and survives for similar pain during birth of a child because the aura generated in her mind for happiness of getting wonderful gift after pain and that idea makes her withstand all pains of labor.

In his book Robert Schuller, ‘Tough Times Never Last but Tough People Do’ he reveals that everyone has the ability to overcome problems. It’s our mental attitude or approach to problems that really matters. The right approach to the problem and dealing it in a specific way may resolve it.

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Every Lock Has A Key

When lock is made the key is also made. It opens with the same key which is unique. The lock also can be opened by breaking it or made to open with manipulation of the artificial key but it takes longer time and may damage the lock. If the key is found it takes fraction of second to open the lock. In a philosophical term one, once a hammer asked to key how you are able to open the lock smoothly? The key replied, “You are breaking and destroying the lock but I reached to his heart!” There is a gentle approach or a brutal approach to deal with anything whether it is thing, a person or a situation.

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Quenching Effect

When I was undergoing training of maintenance of aircraft engines, the course was included with the mechanical workshop in which trainee has to produce a piece of chisel and stud with quenching effects. Quenching is a type of metal heat treatment process. Quenching involves the rapid cooling of a metal to adjust the mechanical properties of its original state. As the metal leaves its brittleness by quenching effect. Just like the muscles which become strong by the repetition of exercises, an individual also becomes mentally more strong and more tough when he undergoes the devastating situations frequently.

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Success Is A Journey, Not A Destination

A Harvard study [1]found that we spend almost 50 percent of our time thinking about the past and future, instead of focusing on the present, which leads to increased unhappiness.

Looking through the lens of achieving goals, this finding seems to resonate. Our minds tend to daydream about the future state (or beat ourselves up for how we messed up in the past), instead of focusing on what we can do right now to improve.

But if you shift your focus from the goal to the journey, your mindset completely changes. Instead of seeing a big goal as something that will be realized at some point in the distant future, you have smaller, bite-sized steps that you can look forward to, and more importantly, act on today.

And these small steps carry a lot of weight. Small wins and slow progress Dance in the rain

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Dance in the rain

Survival in today’s notable turmoil is significantly clashing with different battles. There can be so many battles in the war. Some of the battles can be won and other cannot be, but overall outcome could be in the form of ultimate victory. Life may be harder and it may be arduous to continue living during the worst storm. It is not appropriate to wait for the right moment but make the moment right by anticipation of your thoughts and positive attitude converting and learning to enjoy living life and discovering ways to dance in the rain during a rainstorm. We should know how to deal with disasters that appear as hurricanes in our lives, or how the storms that will disrupt our life. Every storm can have some advantage, it depends on you how or why you are ready to face the storms without being compressed. You can learn from every storm or situation. It is you who can deal with the struggles in life and intensity of your brain neurons will decide whether you build up or break down.

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Two monks were living simple life in huts. One day there was heavy storm and rain. While coming back to huts one of the monks cried with pain and anxiety and cursed the God,” Everything is ruined, where I will take shelter?” Another monk surprised but with joy and thanked the God. While sleeping in the night when storms and rain settled down, the first monk was very much disturbed and continuously murmured, “I am helpless, God take me away from this earth, I do not want to live!” Another monk who was calm and quite said,” God you showered your blessing on us and made everything cool. As the roof has been blown in the wind, I thank you as now I am able to see the stars in the sky before sleeping. it is wonderful scene!”

When confronted with an unexpected crisis or some form of tragedy in life, don’t forget there are several ways to deal with situation. A horrible storm cannot harm you if you are mentally or spiritually strong enough. Strong trees cannot be ruined by storms if the roots are deeper. So, make your foundation strong and stand firmly to every turmoil. People always remembers those who have story of struggles in their lives.

Key Takeaways

1. A little pain every day may nullify bigger pain later.

2. When going gets tough, tough gets going.

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