Author is an authority

When a doctor, engineer and politician talked on some subject, my mind was not attracted to them but when an author talked, I paid undivided attention to him because author has deep rooted thoughts, vast reading and collective experiences. His mind is full of nuggets as thoughts are injected in his mind from different eminent personalities through his fruitful reading, listening and associating with differently abled people.

You are able to meet the author even if he has left the planet. Thousands of words are available in the form of book or audio even the author has left for heavenly abode. You know, we are lucky enough to meet William Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, John Steinbeck or Isaac Asimov through their works. I was surprised while working in Indian Air Force when a family of soldier was posthumously presented highest gallantry award Param Vir Chakra. The soldier was no more but he deserved the bravery appreciation because he sacrificed his life for a noble cause for the country. In the same way, the writers can never be forgotten for their alluring works for transforming lives for giving their all out heart and mind efforts to the world.

Authors are building the minds of people and ultimately building up strong nations and therefore, Just like respecting the heroes of war in battle fields, I salute the heroes off the battle field for their exemplary gifts which is available for centuries.

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Ex-Serviceman from IAF, Retired BM from SBI, Psychologist and Author

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